Career Transformation

The Career Transformation Process is designed to and help individuals to identify their strengths and market/sell themselves to prospective employers. Through 121 career consultancy and mentoring from an experienced consultant, a tailored programme is constructed to meet specific individual needs.

Career Transformation

Individually designed to provide expertise and advice to those who are either in transition or those considering a role move/change inside or outside their organisation.

All opportunities are considered including; moving to a similar job elsewhere, up-skilling and changing sector/function completely, self employment, or portfolio career development.

Each programme is tailored to suit an individual’s or company need and budget.

Individuals on the Career Transformation Programme will be supported at all stages of their journey, including a 100 day follow up after finding a new role.

Investigation of the appetite/suitability for self-employment, we will help the candidate to explore a range of options, support systems and avenues to make it happen. We will give practical guidance on a variety of self employment options including; franchising, consultancy, non-exec directorships, interim roles and portfolio careers. How to build and develop a business idea and plan.

Psychometric Testing is an option to help the candidate better understand their strengths/weaknesses and preferred employment type. Our consultants will administer and review the test with each candidate and explore career options arising.

We work with individuals to:

  • Develop themselves in existing or new roles
  • Help them to succeed
  • Help them indentify career blockages in themselves and organisations
  • Manage teams and individuals better
  • Manage upwards more effectively
  • Prepare for Promotion
  • Communicate more effectively
  • Change others perception of them
  • Enable Personal Growth

Business Mentoring:

  • Business Process/Organisational Development
  • Strategic Planning
  • Business Improvement


  • Project Management
  • Project/Process Post Mortem review

Personal Development:

  • Personal Skills