The Process

Initial Diagnostic Meeting:
Reviewing career to date, discussing the direction that the individual wants to take and defining the steps required to make it happen.

Thinking About Your Options:
Considering your next move based on personal needs, values and future career aspirations.

Key Skills & Competency Review:
Identifying your marketable skills, experience, work styles and values and seeing their relevance to future career.

Four Step Process

  1. Making your CV Work – Develop your Brochure
    Identify Transferrable Skills – Create a new CV or revise existing document, clearly stating what has been achieved in the individual’s career to date.
  2. Cover Documentation/Application Forms
    Enable the individual to target specific role and develop appropriate cover letter/email/application form to grab the reader’s attention.
  3. Job Search Strategy/Campaign
    Develop an activity based campaign to explore all areas of the market, using a variety of approaches to identify target opportunities across both visible and hidden markets.
  4. Interview Skills/Technique
    Provide the individual with effective skills such as:
    1. How to prepare thoroughly to have maximum impact
    2. How to Perform with confidence and assurance
    3. How to practice effectively to develop a natural style and a self confidence at interview
    4. Understanding both Traditional and Competency based interview approaches
    5. How to develop strong response lines for interview questions, highlighting the key skills and competences relevant to the role in question